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What is data insight? In the modern high-tech world, there are tons of data all around. This data holds the secret to the growth and success of a business or an individual, provided it is unlocked smartly and realistically. With the help of the latest analytical tools, the data can be organized and interpreted to offer a more profound and exhaustive understanding of different metrics that directly or indirectly impact your performance. This is the might of data, and with the help of a data insights company provides best data analytic services , you are sure to reach the zenith of success.

Why Analytics Squad?

The answer lies in our core expertise as a data analytics company with a proven track record. The world of data is pretty complex. It requires an intricate understanding of every minute aspect of the data framework. This is precisely where Analytics Squad fits in as a data insights company. Data experts, scientists, and engineers on our team break down this complicated system into comprehensible parts, thereby making it more accessible and interpretable for enhanced insight.

It is crucial to understand that data has no value when in a vacuum. But when it is managed, organized, synchronized, and integrated with the proper techniques and tools, it can open an entirely new world. Since we exist in a highly competitive market, businesses and individuals need to invest time and money in data-driven insights and decisions. Hundreds of case studies prove that the right data analytics have contributed to businesses’ overwhelming success and sustenance across scales, industries, and geographical regions.

Analytics Squad has been a part of the data analytics industry for some time now. Our core area of expertise is in data management and analytics. Our name says it all! Whether your company is a start-up and has just embarked on the data journey, it is on its development path. Data insight is a crucial feature for its sustenance; we are here to assist you with analytics that will add rapid value to your business dynamics. We are a leading data insights company based in Noida, India offering top-notch data management and analytics services to our clients.



Data filtering in MS Excel sheet 


Excel is one of the foremost spreadsheets in the world. To date, t remains one of the most popular tools for the business community. It is an excellent tool that helps people across various professional domains workaround with data. Filtering is one of the robust features of the spreadsheet.


For example, if you wish to focus on specific data, you can use the data filtering in the MS Excel Sheet option. The results are brilliant, and it helps you drive very focused decisions and strategies. Since, as a tool, Excel has some amazing filtering features and options that not everyone is well aware of, we are here to help.

Supercharge Your Analytics With Our Comprehensive Data-Filtering Features

Getting the most out of your data is easier than you think. We’ll show you how with Crystal Reports, designed to help simplify data analysis with industry-leading filtering tools.

Whether you’re looking at profit margins by region, average order sizes over time, or the number of customers per day. Our powerful data-filtering and profiling features let you access any information that will help you make better decisions for your business.

Exploring The Dataframe

We offer a collection of set theory, sparse matrix, and machine learning functions that help you perform filtering dataframe operations. Our experts will be helping you get started with data science to answer questions from your data and create beautiful and immersive visuals.

Data Filtering in Excel

Data filtering allows the user to see only the subset of data that satisfies conditions specified by the user. There are a lot of tasks to do in Excel that involve data. Thousands of rows of data are not uncommon to work with. Pivot tables, charting can all use up a lot of time for you. Please make the most out of our data filtering in MS excel to save time and effort.

Data Visualization

Design visualizations with filtering data and other data visualization libraries to effectively present your results for visualization for presentations or dashboards. Get ready for a hands-on journey to creating interactive visualizations using React JS.

Get The Right Data, Every Time

The key to building great data products is getting the correct information at the right time. Still, traditional approaches often get stuck in the glue of workflows and manual processes. Our experts help you get the correct data every time. 

We have Excel experts on our team who know the ins and outs of the spreadsheet, just like the back of their hands. And they have been professionally involved in innumerable projects that have involved working with complicated formulas and features of Excel. If you are having issues working with the filter option, our spreadsheet experts will assist you from the beginning till the end. Our team has thorough expertise in this field by sorting the data, hiding irrelevant data, and searching for crucial information with the help of filtering.


Analytics Squad is a Noida-based Indian data analytics firm that helps corporates and individuals in all forms of data management and analysis. We know our jobs well and understand that our knowledge and experience can offer our clients critical insights to make or break their existence and performance. We can proudly say that we are one of India’s best data analysts, and you have the most trusted data insights company working on your data ecosystem. 


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