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Harness the power of data with our business intelligence tools

With multiple data sources, there is an inflow of more and more complex unstructured data in your system. Don’t let this data go to waste because every fragment can hold a wealth of information crucial for your business’s success. Call us. Analytics Squad has powerful business intelligence tools that can metamorphize your business without much ado.

Save time, costs, and resources with logical and insight-driven BI tools. These software systems can bring about a 360-degree change in your workflows and deliverables. Tried and tested with proven track records, our business intelligence tools are known to produce impressive and consistent results for all our clients. 


What gives a leading edge to our business intelligence tools?

  • End-to-end analytical tools with user-friendly interfaces, easy to understand and operate. A complete package that is customized as per your specific requirements.
  • Supports a versatile range of data sources and platforms. Starting from simple Excel sheets to complicated databases and API sources, our feature-rich tools work flawlessly on Windows, Linux, the new-age Kubernetes, and more. Moreover, the Business Intelligence tools can produce effective results on cloud or on-site servers. 
  • No additional resources for integrating or deploying the tools are required.
  • Completely compatible with JS frameworks and can be seamlessly integrated with Active Directory.
  • Analytic Squad offers BI tools that can be used by innumerable users and across multiple servers. 


Key features of our BI tools 

What is the value of tons of data if it cannot offer you actionable insights? If the data warehouses cannot help streamline your business offerings, enhance customer services and improve brand value, these are as good as nothing. 

Calling out to all business owners, CEOs, and senior and middle management personnel. It is time that you use the potential of your business data to make better decisions. Contact us to understand how our super-performance business intelligence tools can expose you to newer facts and truths about customer behavior, business processes, employee performances, and more.

  1. Super connectivity – Connect the tools with different data warehouses and a plethora of data sources without any hitch. 
  2. Customizable – The tools have been designed and made to work flexibly for you. The versatile tools can be tailored to suit your business’s specific challenges and requirements. 
  3. Get complete control over your business data.

The easy-to-use interfaces can be deployed in any environment. You do not need external help or support to deploy, make changes, or operate in any setting. One training session is enough to get you hands-on with the features of these tools.

  1. Cost-effective pricing

Unlike other competitive BI tools available in the market, our BI tools are not priced per the number of users or other metrics. We offer varied pricing options to choose from so that our clients are not limited in their decision-making process.


Empowering businesses and individual entities with business intelligence solutions


Get-set-go. This is the model on which we work. The three stages contain specific inter-linked phases that help us create the perfect solutions for your business. 

Our method of developing intelligent and agile Business Intelligence solutions involves –

  1. The first phase involves collaborating to understand the typical business needs of the organization. Our BI specialists and the representative BI team from the client-side meet, interact, brainstorm and finalize the key metrics and deliverables. The solution framework is decided upon, and work starts on development, customization, and testing.
  2. The second phase involves the implementation of the solution and handholding, which includes training, migration, integration, data preparation, etc. This step focuses on making the business intelligence solution work in real-time and offering insights.
  3. The final phase involves going full-on with the system and implementing the solution across the entire enterprise. 


Get The Business Data And Insights To Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Business Intelligence is the process of creating and maintaining business information. It answers questions such as:

  • What is currently happening in my business?
  • How is it performing? Is it meeting goals and expectations?
  • And most importantly, why is it acting in such a way?

The answers to these questions are found in Business Intelligence (BI). We help organizations harness data analytics services to make more informed decisions about their companies and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

Intelligent Tool for Business Intelligence

Current BI applications are more of an operational tool rather than being able to provide strategic insights. Our BI solutions help you gain actionable intelligence from your data using various mining models and algorithms. We offer a sophisticated business intelligence model that leverages the value of your existing infrastructure, systems, and applications giving you a competitive edge.

Discover The Most Efficient Business Intelligence Software

The goal of any business should be to make money, and we help companies do that using the latest cutting-edge technology available today. We are a team. We have helped hundreds of organizations succeed in their businesses by building actionable business intelligence solutions, including predictive modeling, consulting, training and development. If you want to solve your business issues through advanced analytics, explore our business intelligence software list now!

What Makes Us Different?

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