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Data Analytics Solution from India's new-age tech firm, Analytics Squad

Welcome to Analytics Squad. We have what it takes to revolutionize your business, be it a small setup or big, a start-up or a leading name in the industry.

Located in sector-62, Noida, India, Analytics Squad is an upcoming data analytics solution provider. 

Who Are We

We’re a global team of engineers, scientists, and technologists that collaborate to deliver business value. We develop data management and analytics software that enables our clients to transform their company’s operations and gain command of their data assets. Our cutting-edge data analytics and data science technology ensure your data is accurately collected, organized, and utilized, resulting in increased sales opportunities.

Our Mission

Achieving our mission is the apex of who we are as a data analytics solution leader. We measure how well we monetize these gains for our clients. It’s a matter of creating solutions to accelerate change in some of the most complex landscapes on earth.

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We Are Revolutionizing the way you look at data!

We take care of everything data analytics. So, what is data analytics? Data analytics solution is a process used to collect and analyze data to produce meaningful information. It is an integral part of business intelligence, which can use information as a strategic advantage for companies. With our real-time insight platform, you can find meaningful relationships in your data analytics uses– uncovering whole new perspectives for decision making.

We are experts in offering:Data Analytics Solution

  • Pragmatic solutions that are scientifically driven and tech-based.
  • Diversified solutions suiting the business and individual requirements of corporates, business entities, government departments, NGOs, the students’ community, and individuals.
  • Solutions that are fit for multiple industries because it is all tailored as per the unique needs, challenges, limitations, strengths, and requirements of each industrial vertical.
  • Meticulously created solutions entirely focused on boosting business performance, key metrics, and insights.
  • Result-oriented solutions that promise not just to keep your business ticking and afloat during these fiercely competitive times. Our data analytics solution gives you a competitive edge in your niche, guaranteeing vibrancy and dynamism for the buoyant times ahead.
  • Solutions that are deeply invested in the most advanced technologies and supported by a well-equipped state-of-the-art facility at our Noida office. 

We work worldwide

While our office and facility are currently physically located in Uttar Pradesh in India, Analytics Squad offers solutions and support services worldwide. We have handled 150+ projects and offered our incredible services to more than 87 clients. All of this has been beyond geographical boundaries and barriers. We are reachable 24×7 at info@analyticssquad.in. 

Just send us an email in the id given above for any project requirement. If you wish to talk to us before doing so, you are more than welcome. We can be contacted at 91 9084005605 to handle all your queries and doubts. Besides, you can WhatsApp us or get in touch with us through our social media links. 


Spreading The Knowledge Through Class-Leading Data Science Bootcamps

We’re in the business of “information.” So, we thought: why not offer data analytics courses in Delhi? Our goal is to provide India’s best and most relevant practical and theoretical information and analysis courses.

Data analysis is playing an increasingly prominent role in business. Data analytics, though, is more than just crunching numbers. Our how-to data analytics course provides you with the conceptual and practical skills to interpret data through advanced analytical tools.

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Our Core Values

No entity can survive or sustain without values. At Analytics Squad, our Core Values define our work culture, and we can proudly say that all our employees are seamlessly aligned with the same. 

  • Integrity – As a new and young company, we believe in and support business best practices. From our top leadership to the office boys and guards, we ensure honesty and sincerity are crucial to success.
  • Fair practices – It is our topmost endeavor to follow industry-grade best practices. Ethical, fair, and diversity are three strong pillars of our culture. We pride ourselves on being an ‘Equal Opportunity Employer.’
  • Transparency – Our customers love us and come back to us because they are well aware that we work in an ambiguous-free environment. No last-minute surprises, dilly-dally, or vague approach. Be it our quotes for data analytics solution, timelines, expectations, processes, and commitments, you will always find the team forthright and upfront giving you honest and realistic briefs. 
  • Customer-centric – We are staunch believers that the ‘customer is the king.’ You will never find our team hesitant to go the extra mile to get a job finished. When it comes to our clients, we ensure that we deliver precisely what we guarantee on paper.
  • Agile – As a new-age company offering data analytics solution, we practice agility in all aspects. Be it our processes, work methodology, brainstorming, thought processes, or delivery models! 
  • Employee-driven – At Analytics Squad, great emphasis is placed on what adds value to all our stakeholders. While our clients and investors are the heart and soul of our entity, our boat is steered with determination and steadily by the mast – our employees. As an employer, Analytics Squad is committed to offering relevant, fair, and equal opportunities to our employees to learn, develop and grow.
  • We would love to hear from you. If you have any requirements related to data analytics, please feel free to contact us.

Why Choose Us?

Result-oriented is a term used to describe an individual or organization that focuses on outcome rather than the process used to produce a product or deliver a service.

Excel is, of course, the most widely used data analytics software in the world. Whether you are an expert in R or Tableau, you will still use Excel for the grunt work

Advanced analytics is a data analysis methodology that uses predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, deep learning, business process automation, and other statistical methods to analyze business information from a variety of data sources.


Supercharge Your Analytics with Our Comprehensive Data-Insight Features Getting the most out of your data is easier than you think. We’ll show you how with customized Reports, designed to help simplify data analysis with industry-leading optimisation tools.


Whether you’re looking at profit margins by region, average order sizes over time, or the number of customers per day. Our powerful data-insight and profiling features let you access any information that will help you make better decisions for your business.

We offer a collection of set theory, sparse matrix, and machine learning functions that help you perform different data frame operations. Our experts will be helping you get started with data science to answer questions from your data and create beautiful and immersive visuals

Data Analysis allows the user to see only the subset of data that satisfies conditions specified by the user. There are a lot of tasks to do in Excel that involve data. Thousands of rows of data are not uncommon to work with. Pivot tables, charting can all use up a lot of

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