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We’re a global team of engineers, scientists, and technologists that collaborate to deliver business value.

Lead your enterprise into the new age with confident decisions. The backbone of a modern setup is integrated data analytics services that align all your departments in your organization for seamless work and enhanced productivity.

Our powress and versatile know-how have helped innumerable businesses belonging to diversified industries as well as individual students outperform on their analytical assignments. Supported by state-of-art infrastructure, latest tools, and most-advanced technologies, Analytics Squad helps business and individual entities collate, integrate, and analyze data of different kinds and types with multiple sources feed. The ultimate goal is to help every entity optimize its decision-making process, adding value to where it matters the most in its functional workspace. 


Who Are We

We’re a global team of engineers, scientists, and technologists that collaborate to deliver business value. We develop data management and analytics software that enables our clients to transform their company’s operations and gain command of their data assets. Our cutting-edge data Science and data analytics technology ensure your data is accurately collected, organized, and utilized, resulting in increased sales opportunities

data analytics services

Why Data Analytics Services?

  • Take your operation efficiency to newer levels.
  • Make customer experiences personalized like never before.
  • Add new earning streams with effective analysis of data.

Data is at the core of all changes. Why choose us for this transformation?

Data analytics services from Analytics Squad ensure data alignment with your business bottom line. Our expert team of qualified and experienced engineers, data scientists, and subject-area specialists thoroughly understand the data culture landscape. 

You are in the most-trusted hands when you choose the data analytics services of Analytics Squad.

Get onto the value-driven path with our knowledge and proficiency. We help create a cross-functional data platform that users can use and access across departments and functional roles to get critical insights to fulfill relevant business needs. Take your employee engagement to a level higher with our data analytics services

Data science and data analytics - Our core area of expertise

Get started on a sustainable growth model by leveraging data to face all your business’s unique challenges and limitations or educational requirements. 

  • Empower your customer relationships with our analytical competency: Our top-of-the-line data analytic methods and techniques ensure the creation of comprehensive customer profiles and behavioral analytics giving you insights into customer behavior. Accordingly, tailor-made experiences can be delivered to each of your customers. 
  • Strategic decisions backed by data science and data analytics from Analytics Squad: create a flexible business ecosystem where growth is maximized, and losses, bottlenecks, and delays are minimized with the help of predictive and prescriptive analytics. Transform into an agile unit capable of adapting to the changing times with our insights-driven data analytics.
  • Risk Mitigation: With the help of data science and data analytics, typical issues like employee and customer safety, legal liabilities, thefts, and outstanding receivables can be resolved effectively. Analytics Squad experts help your business analyze potential risks and create preventive measures to address them. In case of unconceived situations, ensure consistent performance and output with our expertise in this gamut.
  • Data security threats can very well become a thing of the past with data science and data analytics: Though it sounds dream-like, it is still a possibility in the new-age technologically-driven world. With the help of preventive and predictive analytical models, data breaches and compromised data can be eliminated from the system by identifying vulnerabilities and loopholes.

How can we help you?

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the process of creating and maintaining business information.

Data Management

providing solutions for data management on the cloud, including cloud storage, database services, and backup systems.

Data Science

Data is useless until you can turn it into actionable insights for your business.

Data Filtering

Getting the most out of your data is easier than you think.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the process of gathering, integrating, logically processing, and storing large volumes of data in a central location.

SQL Setup

SQL database is available on many platforms, but you need to set up an SQL server before using it.

We offer services to corporates, business entities, organizations, and individuals, mainly students. As a student, you can depend on our data analytical skills to have your assignments completed end-to-end with realistic results. 

Make data your key differentiator in a fiercely competitive landscape. Stay ahead and be empowered with Analytics Squad’s excellent understanding of the data analytics industry.

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